...................It's all about YOU


As a personal shopper I can help you with any wardrobe malfunctions. 

A special occasion? - I've got it.

Lost your style? - Call me and I will get it back to you.

Want a closet clean out? - I'm your girl. 

Just dont have time to go shopping? - I do have time.

Special Occasion

There isn't any occasion on my list where I can't find the perfect outfit for you. 

What do we do:

Tell me about the occasion, describe or show me your dream look and desired budget, I will measure you up for the right sizes and off we/I go. I will give you enough options to choose from and before you know it, you're wearing it. 

Costs: € 150 - €250 ex btw.

Depending on how many items you need.  

New season - new look

In need of a seasonal update of your look? Let's go shopping. I'm always in the knowhow of new trends and with my expertise I can help you with finding a suitable trend for your body type and personality. 

Half day shopping: €175 ex btw.

Full day shopping: €250 ex btw.

Closet clean out

Need a set of fresh new eyes in your closet? Don't know what to keep or how to wear the items hiding in your closet? 

Together we will go through your closet and style some new looks, throw away a few pieces or make a list of what to add to get the most out of your closet.

3 - 4 hours of advice & cleaning up: €125 ex btw.

Time management

Don't have time to go shopping for the items you need/want? I got time. Whatever you need, I got my ways of finding them with whatever means necessary. 

€60 ex btw per hour. 


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